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Chain Link Fence


Chain link fencing is a great type of fencing if you’re looking for something strictly to keep people in or out. Most people do not consider it a pretty type of fence, but it’s strong, durable, and gets the job done. For commercial and industrial areas in Sussex County, NJ, this may be your perfect fit.

The Nuts and Bolts of Chain Links

This style consists of a wire mesh of chain links stretched out between two straining units. These units are very heavy metal poles that are cemented in place at either end of the fence. In between them, support poles are placed at regular intervals to make certain that the fence remains standing.

Additional stability is provided by the guide wires that run at the top and bottom. Then the mesh is unrolled and attached to both the support poles and the guide wires. The finished fence is strong and fairly durable, but it offers no privacy at all.

One thing you’ll want to take into consideration is the size of the chain link mesh. Heavier wires are stronger, but they’re also more expensive. The size of each link in the square can also be changed, although most are about two inches across.

The Coating

The wire used in a chain link fence comes in several different types:

  • Stainless steel
  • Galvanized steel
  • PVC coating

The wire links in a steel chain link fence are coated with a zinc spray to protect them from rusting, although they may also be coated with polyester, PVC, or a polyvinyl chloride.



Just because chain link fences aren’t known for their looks doesn’t mean you can’t customize them a bit.  Any of the PVC coatings can be added to the fence to give it different colors.  For example, if you want a chain link fence that doesn’t stand out, you can add a natural PVC coating to it.  The heavier the coating is, the longer it will last.

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