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Wantage Barn and Fence

Installation in Sussex County New Jersey

Welcome to rural New Jersey.

We offer enclosures for live stock and barn fences. Our ranch fencing and livestock enclosures are built to last to keep you livestock safe and secure. We’ll also install fencing to give you a protective perimeter around your farm land.

Creating Safe and Secure Fence Solutions

Our mission is to transform ordinary spaces into extraordinary spaces. We’re committed to offering the best quality fence materials and products available to consumers today.

We Do More Than Just Fencing

Wantage Barn and Fence specializes in fencing for driveways, perimeters, livestock and picket fences for homes. We’ll assist you in your fencing needs, and we also offer plenty of other services as well including traditional pavers, landscape construction and pole barns.

Our Projects

Sparta – Paving Stone Driveway, Field Stone Wall with Stairs

This old rail road tie wall had drainage problems that needed to be addressed. This Field Stone wall is not just decorative, but functional as well. We solved the drainage problem while installing the wall. Pipes were put in, run in back of the wall and under the driveway to facilitate the run off of water from the roof of the house as well as the grade of the property in back of the wall. Field Stone Walls take time and precision. Each stone needs to be level and carefully placed for the overall look. This particular Field Stone Wall was installed wet. This means there is lots of concrete inside the wall for stability, but does not interfere with the beauty, as it can not be seen. The Paving Stones used in this job are high quality CST manufactured. They are Hickory blend, Roman Cobble, 6”x 3” Pavers laid in a herringbone pattern with a border. This installation being a driveway the base underneath the pavers is 14”-16” deep and will bear the load of a fully loaded tandem truck without faltering. Unlike, hardtop driveways paving stone driveways will last and maintain its beauty for a life time.

Wantage – Deck, Stairs, Paving Stone Walkway, Field Stone Steps, Paving Stone Patio

Entry ways into your house can be made beautiful with pavers, wall block and field stone pillars. Sometimes the natural landscape of the property requires designing ways to make the surrounding more accessible. These steps required paving stone landing because the grade was so steep. This makes the stairs more pleasing to the eye and easier to climb. Field Stone Pillars to offset a paving stone front landing make this a small, but beautiful front entry. A paving stone walkway will last longer and is more beautiful than a poured concrete walkway. It enhances the beauty of the Field Stone pillars and creates a sophisticated look.This patio is custom designed to fit the natural grade of the property. The long staircase down to it curves with wall block caps acting as a curb. A semi-circular step up to the back door and small utility ramp make this a one of a kind installation.These paving stones are high quality CST manufactured. They are a mix of brown flash 6”x6” and 6”x9” Roman Cobble with antique gray boarder. The wall block is Versa-Lok weathered antique gray with a full drainage system to redirect water shed away from the dwelling.

Wantage – Paving Stone Walkways, Patio, Two Tier Front Wall, Retaining Wall around Pool, Long Staircase with Landing to Patio

This was a big job that actually was done in two phases. Before and after pictures give a true sense of how much was involved. This customer’s property was a steep incline, high in the front of the house and drops off in the back yard. When they decided to put in an in ground pool, they needed to readjust the landscape of their property. Phase one was the front yard. We had to excavate taking out much of the slope. Then we installed a two tier wall to help with drainage and erosion. The tier is used as a garden area. Next we designed and installed a staircase down to a circular patio. The staircase had to have a large landing since the grade was so steep. A circular design in the paving stone landing helped to bring the patio and stairs together. The patio overlooks a river which creates a very soothing atmosphere. The pool was put in and then we had to retain the soil that had to be removed to make the flat area for the pool. The curvature of the wall matches that of the pool and fence. Again, a full drainage system is installed behind the wall so the water shed is diverted from entering the pool area.

The fence installed in a pool code aluminum fence made by Delgard. It has pool code latches and spring hinges on the gates that make the gates automatically shut behind you. This type of fence is very popular for pool enclosures because of how it adds to the beauty of the pool with out being over bearing. The last phase of this job was to connect the patio and stairs to the pool. A walkway from the driveway to the front gate of the pool matches the patio/walkway that leads from the back gate. It connects the whole job together and creates a cascading effect that compliments the natural landscape of the property.