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Vinyl Fences

Vinyl fencing offers a protective barrier that needs almost no maintenance at all.  This means it won’t rot or rust. It also won’t break apart from high winds or storms. Unlike other fences, it doesn’t need repainting. When it starts to look dirty, all you have to do is aim the garden hose at it.

It makes the perfect fence for home use and is often found surrounding backyards, pool areas, and gardens. Some property owners construct lavish vinyl gates and posts to form an elegant entry way to their drive.

Like many types of fences, vinyl fencing comes in a number of different options.  Below are a few of the most popular types of vinyl fencing:

Types of Vinyl Fences

These tall fences will completely block off your yard from others, giving you absolute privacy.  They’re perfect for creating an escape in your backyard and for keeping your kids and pets inside.

Similar to a privacy fence, an alternating picket fence has more space between the pickets.  This means less privacy, but it also means you get to enjoy more of the view around your home.

Like alternating picket fences, semi-private vinyl fencing helps define your property and keep pets and children in the yard while still letting you see your surroundings.

This type of privacy fence is solid up until the last foot or so when it’s replaced with decorative pickets that are spaced out.

These vinyl fences have even more space between the pickets than semi-private fences do.  In fact, the spaces are large enough for small animals to slip through, but they do have a much more open feel to them.

Which type of vinyl fencing is right for you?

If you’re not sure, contact us today. We’ll help determine which style fits your needs.

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