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Wood Fencing

If you’re looking for traditional fencing, your first thought is probably to go with cedar wood.

Wooden fences are a classic for good reason—they offer a good amount of privacy and look very nice.  There are a number of different types of wood you can use, and some are more durable or look better than others.

Of course, you’ll find that the stronger woods do cost more up front, but they also tend to require less work and last longer.  A good quality wooden fence can last for 20 years or so if you maintain it correctly.

Cedar Wood Fence-Horse

Wood Fence Styles

Privacy fences
Privacy fences completely block the view. They are great for creating private spaces that nothing can get in or out of.

• Solid board fencing
• Basketweave fencing
• Stockade fencing
• Tongue and Groove fencing
• Lattice top fencing

Spaced fencing
Sometimes called neighbor-friendly fences, spaced fencing is similar to privacy fences, but they have spaces between the wood panels so you can see through them. Those with closely placed panels can be effective security fences.

• Spaced picket fencing
• Shadowbox fencing

Decorative Fences
Finally, these last three styles of fencing are very open and are mostly decorative or used to define property lines.

• Split rail fencing
• Slip board fencing
• English hurdle fencing (may have mesh wire added to it for additional security).


Types of Wood

Here are some of the most popular woods used in fencing.

Western Red Cedar

is a very resistant wood that holds up well to water and insects.

White Oak

handles all types of weather very well and remains strong after years of use. It’s a popular type of wood for farms or ranches with horses because they won’t chew on it like they will pine and some other woods.

Tropical hardwoods

such as Brazilian Cherry, Tiger Wood, or Ipe are very hard and dense. They look beautiful and are very strong, but they can also be expensive. They have to be pre-drilled because they’re too dense for nails and hammer.

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